Schedule Lessons

Fully vaccinated students may sign up for in-person lessons (held at Unity Church-Unitarian in St Paul). Please note that my availability is extremely limited during the academic year and my calendar may show no openings at all, but I will have more time available starting at the end of May 2023.

I will also continue to offer online lessons via Zoom or other video platform. All you need is a computer (preferable) or tablet–or, in a pinch, your phone–a strong internet connection (wired is best), and a comfortable, well-lit place to sing. If you have access to an external microphone and headphones, so much the better–this will enable us to run our sound through Cleanfeed, a web-based program with less lag and better sound quality.

Please check my guidelines for online lessons for more information.

Who should take lessons
Anyone who wants to learn more about singing! I have worked with students who literally (and I am using this word correctly) never sang a note before starting lessons with me, students who are preparing for theater and college/grad school auditions, students who are pursuing or who have completed college music degrees, emerging professional singers, and everything in between. I’m now only working with adult students (I love you, teens, but have had to narrow my focus).

I’m an LGBTQ+ ally and welcome everyone into my studio. I have worked with many trans and non-binary singers, and I am happy to help you explore and find the voice that best represents you. Singing lessons will only help your speaking voice, but if targeted speaking voice work is your main interest, I can recommend speech-language pathologists who are experienced in working with transgender clients.

What happens during a voice lesson
A voice lesson will generally involve vocal exercises and work on repertoire. With many students who are just starting out or who are not accustomed to technical exploration of the voice, vocal exercises will take up the majority or all of the lesson time for the first several lessons.

Voice lessons may also include theory, ear training/musical memory development, rhythm exercises, foreign language diction, text analysis, dramatic interpretation, anatomy, physical relaxation, and more–all depending on the student’s needs.

Recording and note-taking are strongly encouraged!

Anywhere you happen to be, for online lessons! In-person lessons take place at Unity Church-Unitarian in St Paul, in the Summit-Dale area.

Fees and scheduling
See my current studio policy for complete information, visit my scheduling page to get started, or contact me with any questions.

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