KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano, Carson Rose Schneider, piano

KrisAnne Weiss (vocals), Andrew Wilkowske (vocals and guitar), Lara Bolton (keys). Edited by Andrew Wilkowske.

KrisAnne Weiss, Andrew Wilkowske, and Lara Bolton, singers. Arrangement by Andrew Wilkowske for Guns N’ Rosenkavalier.

“Like that time,” words and music by Aaron Israel Levin
KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano
Sonja Thompson, piano

“Chanson perpétuelle” by Ernest Chausson
KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano
Cheryl Lemmons, piano; Caroline Nordlund and Tess Varley, violins; Kirsti Petraborg, viola; Samuel Nordlund, cello

“The Taxi” by Rachel DeVore Fogarty (poem by Amy Lowell)
KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano
Julian Ward, piano

“Questo Muro” by Edie Hill (poem by Anita Barrows)
KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano
Ruth Palmer, piano

“Au pays où se fait la guerre” by Henri Duparc
KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano
Cheryl Lemmons, piano

“So Long Since I Slept Through the Night” by Gregory Theisen, music, and William Reichard, lyrics
KrisAnne Weiss, mezzo-soprano
Gregory Theisen, piano
Written during the 2014 Nautilus Music-Theater Composer-Librettist Studio. Inspired by the work of Edward Hopper

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